Wednesday, 14 September 2011


BEAR BRAWLER are a Psych/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Bassie, Normandie

The members are:

Basse et Chant - David Bonnet (Jez)
Drums - Martin Mabire
Guitare - Bertrand Lefetz (Pfffut)

BEAR BRAWLER play typical hard hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal which takes influence from the usual suspects of the genres.

But BEAR BRAWLER have an ace up their sleeve. They can write a hard hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal riff along with some top notch grizzled vocals thrown in for great measure.

They have released the brilliantly titled EP – Tales From The Putrid Swamp. 4 songs on for 28 mins or so. The EP’s cover should tell you what to expect. Something angry this goes straight for the jugular. Or in other words. Gets down straight to business of rocking out from start to finish.

The songs are epic and have a great story to tell. Especially the first track – “The Art Of Fighting Grizzly Bears Bare-Handed”. A 7.30 minute epic track.

This isn’t sophisticated Sludge/Stoner Metal music but more akin to great bands like Behold The Monolith, Weedeater and their ilk.

So if you like your Sludge/Stoner Metal hard hitting with thick and heavy riffs then this superb monster is for you.

Brutal at times with both the riffs and vocals but a great album to head-bang to with plenty of riffs to get your teeth stuck into. We all need Sludge/Stoner Metal music like this to show that the world is still a brutal place to live in at times.

The band are all great musicians and they have superb song writing skills to match the heavy pounding Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs. Check Out the superb epic “Swamp Thing” to back this up.

Production is great. You can hear every note played loudly and superbly. This is a great EP for everyone to check out. Highly Recommended for the Primal Metaller in us all. Top notch stuff.

You can download this EP for free from Bandcamp and I urge everyone to check them out.

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Check out the excellent "Creepy Old Man" from their superb new EP.

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And you can download it for free right now !!! Check it Out