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Abrahma - Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives

Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives cover art
Album Type: Full Length
Release Date: 24th July '12
Label: Small Stone Records
Track listing:
1.  Alpha                                                 
2.  Neptune Of Sorrow                                  
3.  Tears Of The Sun                                     
4.  Dandelion Dust                                        
5.  Honkin’ Water Roof                                 
6.  Loa’s Awakening (Prelude)                   
7.  Vodun Pt. 1 Samedi’s Awakening          
8.  Big Black Cloud                                     
9.  Headless Horse                                         
10.  Vodun Pt. 2: I, Zombie                           
11.  Oceans On Sand…                                 
12.  …Here Sleep Ghosts                              
13.  Vodun Pt. 3: Final Asagwe                    
14.  The Maze                                               
15.  Omega                                                     

Total Running time                                          71:16  

Abrahma are four piece psychedelic stoner/desert rock band from Paris, France.  They originally formed in 2005 under the name of Alcohsonic and they released one album, one EP, and a single under this name.  Through the Dusty Paths of Our Lives is their debut full length for Small Stone Records and the first under their new moniker. 

Their press release describes this record as …a once in a lifetime debut and also for fans of Kyuss, Dozer, Greenleaf and Monster Magnet to name but a few.  Indeed former Monster Magnet and current 9 Chambers lead guitarist, Ed Mundell guests on the track Big Black Cloud.

The four piece line up consists of

Sebastien Bismuth (vocals, guitar),
Nicolas Heller (guitar),
Guillaume Colin (Bass)
Benjamin Colin (drums)

So Small Stone records have come up trumps again, seemingly plucking a band from obscurity, Abrahma have repaid them in spades, delivering a startlingly brilliant record.  This record has it all and is as close to perfection as you can get.

Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives isn’t so much an album but a monolithic journey of stoner rock ecstasy, inducing mind bending psychedelic delirium, due to the presence ultra heavy riffs, proto-metal influences, acid tinged rock and a hint of alternative grunge.  Yet despite the inspiration of the stoner rock progeny being present on the album, it remains fresh and vibrant; it is a thunderous tour de force.

Potent, majestic and choc full of hooks, this Parisian quartet have produced a master class of hypnotic, trippy groove based jams, which dazzles with cosmic spaced out hallucinogenic songs, packed to the rafters with ambience, soul and transcending everything you might have heard before.  The first three tracks (“Neptune of Sorrow,” “Tears of the Sun,” “Dandelion Dust”) are just breath taking.  Encapsulating dense bass grooves, with multifarious reverberation and texture, the grungy vocals add charisma and personality to the tracks, with layers of epic riffs and unyielding rhythmic drums.

This album continues with awe-inspiring vigour throughout the course of its 15 songs, Headless Horse with its Jeff Buckley tinged psychedelic arpeggio and tripped out vocals, circle and envelop the far reaches of your psyche.   The titanic and labyrinthine track, The Maze to the Vodun trilogy, the entire record is a blistering exhibition of stoner rock brilliance.  Forget Alcohsonic and all hail the new flesh, because Abrahma’s debut is a psychedelic, grunge infused masterpiece.  Well done guys.

Please check out the links below for more information about the band.  The album will be available from 24th July 2012.   Big thanks again to Scott @ Small Stone Records.  Another amazing release.  You can listen to Neptune Of Sorrow below.



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