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TRACK PREMIERE: "Controllers Destroyed" (Live) by Brant Bjork from the forthcoming album "Europe '16"

Welcome back the sweet scent of freedom. Breath in the greeheen! BRANT BJORK has come to revive your spirit: The Kyuss- and Fu Manchu legend has just announced his first ever live recording

From the opening guitar riff of "Europe '16", recorded in Berlin, one can sense the buzz of classic rock electricity that transcends into new spheres. This is controlled madness between trippy and doomy, groovy and sludgy!

Set for release September 22nd on Napalm Records, BRANT BJORK has now revealed the cover artwork and track list of his first and highly anticipated live record.  Not only that you can check out an exclusive track from the album below 

“This record is live. Live records are ugly and they should be. When a band plays live, they let their hair down. Live is all that really matters. There are those moments in life when everything is ok and these are the moments when you are doing exactly what your here on the planet to do. You're right where you are supposed to be with no shame, no fear, no regret, no envy, no hatred and no apology. I always say this band brings a feeling. The feeling is always primary and the sound, secondary. At least to me. In the book of Tao, there is a passage..."naming is the origin of all particular things". I use here the term ugly to refer to my naming of my particular relationship with my soundscape. my my my. Why the term ugly? Because its the opposite of pretty. As the popular saying goes, "It is what it is". As for my music, my band and this live record, I prefer to say, "it is what it isn't".” - Brant Bjork on Europe '16.

“Europe ’16” track listing

1. Buddha Time
2. Controllers Destroyed
3. Humble Pie
4. Stakt
5. The Gree Heen
6. Lazy Bones-Automatic Fantastic
7. Stokely Up Now
8. Dave's War-Dave's Peace
9. Biker No. 2
10. Freaks Of Nature
11. Low Desert Punk
12. Let The Truth Be Known-Jumpin' Jack Flash

To also celebrate the release of the record, you can catch BRANT BJORK on tour in  Europe here:
Live Rituals

04.08.17 GR - Almiros Magnisias / Los Amiros Festival
05.08.17 AT - Waldhausen / Lake on Fire
06.08.17 HU - Budapest / Tixa
08.08.17 DE - Hamburg / Sommer in Altona
09.08.17 DE - Stuttgart / Universum
10.08.17 CH - Duedingen / Bad Bonn
12.08.17 BE - Kortrijk / Alcatraz Festival
14.08.17 CH - Martigny / PALP Festival 

'Gree Heen Europe 2017' with special guest Sean Wheeler:

26.09.17    Stockholm | Debaser Strand
27.09.17    Stavanger | Folken
28.09.17    Oslo | John Dee
29.09.17    Gothenbourg | Sticky Fingers
30.09.17    Copenhagen | KB 18
01.10.17    Hamburg | Logo
02.10.17    Leipzig | UT Connewitz
03.10.17    Bielefeld | Forum
04.10.17    Amsterdam | Melkweg
05.10.17    Eindhoven | Effenaar
06.10.17    Pratteln | Up In Smoke
07.10.17    Aschaffenburg | Colossal
08.10.17    Brussels | Botanique
09.10.17    Rennes | Ubu
11.10.17    Bilbao |  Kafe Antzokia
12.10.17    Porto  | Cave 45
13.10.17    Lisbon | RCA Club
14.10.17    Madrid | Caracol
15.10.17    Barcelona | Bikini
16.10.17    Marseille | Jas Rod
17.10.17    Torino | Blah Blah
18.10.17    Ravenna | Bronson
19.10.17    Zagreb | Vintage Industrial Bar
20.10.17    Wien | Arena ( with Stoned Jesus + Beastmaker )
21.10.17    Munich | Keep It Low

Band info: facebook 

ALBUM REVIEW & TRACK PREMIERE: Eternal Black - "Bleed The Days"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 08/08/2017
Label: Independent

The sheer weight of the riffs will indeed threaten to pull you under, as they deliver just the right amount of menace to go with the fuzz. There is a hefty dose of soul in the music here, along with a pervading blackness.

“Bleed The Days” CD//DD track listing:

1). The Lost, The Forgotten and The Undying
2). Snake Oil and Coffin Nails
3). Sea of Graves
4). Into Nothing
5). Stained Eyes on a Setting Sun
6). Bleed The Days
7). All Gods Fail

The Review:

Proper American doom! There's your starting point for this review. Their three track EP from a couple of years back got my attention, so this record was anticipated by me as hopefully being a good one. The band have made good on their early promise and delivered a real beast of doom. Think The Obsessed and Saint Vitus as reference points- with a hefty dose of Sabbath in the background of course.

There are not too many bands around like this, not just any more, but ever. Eternal Black, as my last review noted, till the same soil as Scott Weinrich and his sundry projects- that is to say that there is a hefty dose of soul in the music here, along with a pervading blackness. There are concise riff chargers like opener “The Lost, The Forgotten and The Undying” and the band open up and get loose with jazz-like bass work and rhythms on second track “Snake Oil and Coffin Nails”. The sheer weight of the riffs on “Sea of Graves” will indeed threaten to pull you under, as they deliver just the right amount of menace to go with the fuzz. Ah, this Brooklyn band know how to channel the spirit of Dave Chandler, that's for sure.

The haunting instrumental “Into Nothing” progresses the record's dark feel and acts as a bridge between the first and second half. Naturally, things are just as dark for the following three tracks. “Stained Eyes on a Setting Sun” is a slithering festival of murk, with some seriously fuzzy riffing. The title track is a real stand out in terms of atmosphere and vibe- pure Vitus worship in the riffs and sound.

The album closes with the close to eleven minute track “All Gods Fall”, which is a rather epic finisher to this fine doom album. Just as with the 2015 EP, the band are not reinventing the doom wheel, but they are making fine classic doom in the proud American tradition. This is low, slow and as dark as the band's name suggests. For anyone looking for that Vitus/Maryland vibe, this is absolutely for you. If you don’t belief me, check out the stunning title track “Bleed The Days” which we are streaming  exclusively below

“Bleed The Days” is available to preorder/buy here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

REVIEW: Cloud Rat/Disrotted - "Split LP"

By: Charlie Butler

Album Type: Split 12”
Date Released: 02/06/2017
Label: Dry Cough Records |
Halo of Flies

This is an awe-inspiring release from two incredible bands who can seemingly do no wrong at the moment and continue to deliver an embarrassment of heavy riches in 2017.

"Clout Rat/Disrotted" Split DD//LP track listing:

1). Cloud Rat – “Holding the Picture”
2). Disrotted – “Disrotted”

The Review:

Cloud Rat and Disrotted continue their intense 2017 release schedules with a killer split LP of contrasting styles. This split has come into being due to the strong bond between the two bands and while it may seem a strange stylistic pairing in theory it works a treat in practice.

Michigan’s Cloud Rat depart from their usual format of short, sharp bursts of mayhem and deliver one eighteen minute monster. “Holding The Picture” begins in familiar territory, a whirlwind blur of chaotic screamo and relentless grindcore. The volume soon dips and the tempo decreases as the track develops into a slow-burning epic that smoulders with restrained power. This more melodic approach recalls Converge’s calmer moments delivered against a barren dustbowl backdrop reminiscent of Earth. It is a breathtaking achievement to create a beast of such sublime complexity and weighty emotional impact from the band’s minimal set-up of vocals, drums and guitar augmented only by occasional piano. This may not be Cloud Rat at their heaviest but they ably demonstrate that they lose none of their intensity and impact when they push their sound into quieter and more experimental realms.

Disrotted’s contribution to this split is twenty three minutes of slow-motion terror entitled “Disrotted”.  The Chicago trio deal in a potent blend of Burning Witch / Monarch! style drone doom that creates maximum impact from minimal motion. Once the band launch into their sluggish, broken groove of feedback-drenched riffs and primal drums there is no escape from its dark density. The passage of time becomes irrelevant as they subject the listener to an experience that is crushingly bleak yet strangely soothing.

This is an awe-inspiring release from two incredible bands who can seemingly do no wrong at the moment and continue to deliver an embarrassment of heavy riches in 2017.

“Cloud Rat/Distrotted” is available here (UK/Europe) & (US/ROW) here

Band info: Cloud Rat || Disrotted

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

ALBUM REVIEW: Olde - "Temple"

By: Mark Tremblay

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 11/08/2017
Label: STB Records |
Medusa Crush Recordings

Olde’s Temple” is doom metal done the way it should be. It is well-crafted, forward-thinking, and a contender for one of the best records of the year.

Temple” CD//CS//DD//LP track listing:

1). Subterfuge
2). Now I See You
3). The Ghost Narrative
4). Temple
5). Centrifugal Disaster
6). Maelstrom
7). Castaway

The Review

Olde can be best defined as “Efficient Doom Metal”; creating atmospheric and riff-centric music without wasting time. Olde’s Temple” showcases their most refined music to date; there is not another doom band that understands how to write great riffs, without them overstaying their welcome. Olde runs the gamut of everything the genre offers; from Kyuss-y blues, to darker and more punishing in bands like Yob.

The album starts with two quick stoner metal tracks; “Subterfuge”, and “Now I See You”; hypnotic riffs by riff-master Greg Dawson. Ryan Aubin’s familiar groove oriented drum style is particularly highlighted on these tracks, showing why he is the best drummer in the genre. The album takes a darker turn with more plodding dirge’s in “The Ghost Narrative” and “Temple”. Not only do they create a necessary balance in the records pace, but also show off some of the best lead guitar work on the record. The guitar solo on “The Ghost Narrative” is particularly brain melting.

The album concludes with their best track “Castaway” a very Baroness infused track filled with huge open chords, and interplay between major and minor keys. This song also flexes their atmospheric muscles; utilizing faint guitar feedback and other sound clips in a much more advanced manner to their previous release. This song concludes the album on an interesting footnote of what is to come for Olde.

Olde’s Temple” is doom metal done the way it should be. It is well-crafted, forward-thinking, and a contender for one of the best records of the year.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

TRACK PREMIERE: Sussex old school death metallers Subservience make you suffer with "In Depravity They Dwell"

On August 11 2017, Black Bow Records will release “Forest Of The Impaled by UK death metal band SUBSERVIENCE.

Drawing influence from the classic death metal bands of yesteryear as well as the recent breed of modern greats, brutal Sussex quartet Subservience are gathering a good reputation across the country and beyond with their corrosive blend of groove laden extreme metal. You will find no self-indulgent displays here; Subservience put on a stage show that certainly pulls no punches

Their live show has earned them a reputation as one of the heaviest bands on the south coast, and has rewarded them with slots at Download Festival and Hammerfest, as well as support slots with underground heavyweights Blood Red Throne, Xerath, Bloodshot Dawn, Hour of Penance, Demonic Resurrection, Flayed Disciple and Eye of Solitude

Brimming over with concentrated fury and a taste for chaos, they have released several increasingly brutal EPs that had been met with a great reception among their ever growing fan base. Their debut album has been mixed and mastered by Paul “Win” Winstanley and is set for release on August 11 2017.  Today and only at THE SLUDGELORD you check out a brand new track below.  A must for fans of Old School Death Metal, Entombed, Deicide and Bolt Thrower.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Monday, 24 July 2017

TRACK PREMIERE:Mysterious one man doom sect Mindkult drop seething abomination “Drink My Blood”

Mysterious one man doom cult Mindkult is turning the genre on its head. Stepping out of the confines of what can be called doom, they are going back in time musically to create all over again raw, heavy and stoner-tinged music that oozes horror appeal and bears a soothing post-punk sensibility. Call it doom, stoner or even shoegaze, all of it is correct because it's a distilled blend to forge a sound that Mindkult can call it its own. Nostalgic and dark, this is the band's much-awaited debut full length that displays rare charisma and soulful expression. 

Absolutely dripping eerie atmosphere and alive with gothic-accented threat and blackest rock sensibilities, Mindkult's latest track from “Lucifer's Dream” hits all the halcyon and nostalgic sweet spots with feverish style. Equal parts dark and dank and peppered with fiery solos and heart-rending vocals, "Drink my Blood" should firmly canonize this debut album on multiple most anticipated lists. We at THE SLUDGELORD cannot wait to get my hands on this seething abomination! Coming out on September 20 via Transcending Obscurity Records and you check out this slab of doom in all its glory below.     “Lucifer’s Dream” is available for preorder here


Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Label info: official || facebook

Sunday, 23 July 2017

ALBUM REVIEW: Cirith Ungol - "King of the Dead" (Ultimate Edition)

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length (Reissue)
Date Released: 28/4/2017
Label: Metal Blade Records

It's a very engaging listen, 33 years on and is an absolute must have for any fan of doom- or anyone looking at how the genre started to really form into something (along with the work of Vitus, Trouble et al).  An essential album and a worthy reissue. Enrich your record collection and your life by buying it!

“King of the Dead”(Ultimate Edition) CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Atom Smasher
2. Black Machine
3. Master of the Pit
4. King of the Dead
5. Death of the Sun
6. Finger of Scorn
7. Toccata in Dm
8. Cirith Ungol
9. Last Laugh (Live)
10. Death of the Sun (Alternate Mix)
11. Master of the Pit (Live)
12. King of the Dead (Live)
13. Cirith Ungol (Live)

The Review

Cirith Ungol occupy a strange place in the book of heavy metal; a true cult band that mixed sword and sorcery themes with classic rock, traditional metal and true doom, all punctuated by Tim Baker's unique (the best word for it) voice. “Frost and Fire” was a good debut- with one foot in the 70s. “King of the Dead”, meanwhile, is regarded by many as their best album, being as it was self produced which gave the band a certain amount of freedom to do what they wanted. The band now occupy a similar space to Manilla Road- cult, underground, quirky and worshipped by their true disciples.

This ultimate edition of the revered album gives a new remastered sheen to the main album and adds on some live tracks and alternate mixes. The album itself sounds... pretty great, actually! This is a well produced record with an unusual sound. The lead work reminds me of Iommi (in tone as well as content), the bass is prominent (as per the debut) and the drums still pack a forceful percussive sound.

Let's be honest, the album is a classic; it's weighty, but never over the top in terms of heaviosity . The songs are there- “Atom Smasher” and “Black Machine” are a fearsome opening twosome. “Master of The Pit” is a doom classic, straying into epic territory- as does the title track. There is some quicker stuff on here (“Death of the Sun”), more melancholy fare (“Finger of Scorn”), an instrumental (“Toccata in Dm”) and the band's theme song. It's a very engaging listen, 33 years on and is an absolute must have for any fan of doom- or anyone looking at how the genre started to really form into something (along with the work of Vitus, Trouble et al).

The ultimate edition comes with the aforementioned bonus tracks- live versions (some very recent, some contemporaneous), alternate mixes and what have you- but as usual, all you really need is the original album- particularly in this superior audio form. The remaster is great and made my old CD sound very wooly indeed. An essential album and a worthy reissue. Enrich your record collection and your life by buying it!

“King of the Dead”(Ultimate Edition) is available here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

LABEL INTENSIVE: Sounds from the underground with Transcending Obscurity Records

Perception is a curious thing isn’t it?  It is the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted, but our ability to fully appreciate something can be stunted by a lack of knowledge or awareness, or our blind refusal to embrace something without having consumed it first.   Something which is unfamiliar can be scary and as individual’s we tend to stick to what we know, in fear of making ourselves vulnerable, or the target of ridicule from friends, family, work colleagues etc.   

Take music for example, and for the sake of this blog, heavy music. The way that we perceive things is often based on familiarity, oh that band sounds like Sabbath, I’m sure to like it, or the way we perceive a band can be based upon uneducated stereotypes or associations on a superficial level, black metal and churches, nu metal with baggy trousers and so on, but if we take a step back and perceive something without prejudice, by educating ourselves, by absorbing information, or in the case of music,  judging a band solely on the music, as individuals we can transcend these boundaries or barriers to good music and judge music solely on merit.

If we strip away the baggage associated with music, things such as consumerism, or prejudice associated with gender, race, religion culture, it doesn’t matter whether it is popular music or underground music, if we strip it back to its core, if we listen without prejudice or fear of ridicule, then as individuals we can truly have a better appreciation of things and break down barriers.

Why has THE SLUDGELORD gone all philosophical you might ask, because today’s guest Kunal Choksi, is a man attempting to change public perceptions in heavy music,  a heavy metal fan of 20 years, he created a label whose very name Transcending Obscurity resonates with many of the themes discussed, indeed if you take those two words and attach some meaning to them, the very essence of their philosophy is to rise above stereotypes and educate consumers that there is talent  all over the world, yes it may be unintelligible and ambiguous to some, but by giving this talent a voice or a platform, the obscure can rise and hopefully in the process change perception and if that occurs, then Kunal Choksi has succeeded in his mission,
to transcend obscurity. 

Kunal, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Thank you very much for this interview! It means a lot to us and hopefully our bands can get better exposure. Well, I'm from Mumbai, India and have been a metal head for over two decades now. I've been writing since 2004 and started a webzine called “Diabolical Conquest” which was renamed to “Transcending Obscurity” to signify better intent and purpose. Along the way a record label was started and subsequently even a PR company of the same name. I'm also learning guitar and drums and hope when I'm old and bitter, I can start a band of my own. I don't have high expectations of it but it's some kind of a carrot dangling in front of me that makes me crawl ahead despite being overburdened and stressed already. I dabble in art too but suck and need more practice (and time!). 

What inspired you to start a record label?

In the last decade, it was after having reviewed ALL the releases of this obscure death metal band from Australia called THE DEAD, and even conducting an interview with the band, that I was asked if I knew any record label that they could work with. It then dawned upon me that instead of urging my label friends (in vain) to sign that band; I could do that myself and give them what they wanted. The intention was noble and naive but I suppose I did well for that band eventually. I'm grateful to all the bands that put their faith in me and I can only hope I didn't let them down a lot. 

What are some of the difficulties you have faced and currently face?

The most difficult thing is to convince bands to work with you, especially when you're based in India. It's not my fault that I was born here. I worked my way up and spent countless years trying to push bands without expecting anything in return mostly via the webzine. With my label, I had to face a lot of criticism when I decided to start a sub-label and even distribution legs and work with inexperienced bands. My intention was to give them a good platform and visibility internationally and I think people in the press and even otherwise are not as surprised as they used to be when they come across Indian metal bands after having put out over 30 releases of bands from the Indian subcontinent. Some bands take it all for granted and give you a hard time, as if you're their servant. I get tired man. I work very hard and under depression most of the time. All things said and done, I suppose my work had some result and perhaps some bands are better known after all I did for them. I guess I can live with that. 

What would you describe as Transcending Obscurity's 'vision' or 'philosophy'?

I used to be very anal earlier on and didn't sign bands easily. I was interested in more original-sounding music or what appealed to me in a certain way. I've become more open-minded since but I'm still very particular about the quality. Since the name change to Transcending Obscurity, the intention has been to help them rise as the name suggests and that's why I'm focusing a lot more on the PR part of things than anything else and still prefer to do the PR work myself as opposed to hiring other PR companies (not that I can afford them anyway, haha). 

Are there other labels that have inspired you? Other labels you think people should look into?

Of course there are labels that I keep observing and ones that keep repressing all the time because their sales are so good. Admittedly I've yet to reach that level but I don't have a lot of strong local support nor can I attend festivals like in Europe and have stalls there or travel in vans carrying my merchandise. It's a drawback for sure but with low shipping costs worldwide, perhaps the word will spread and for the sake of getting good music, they won't hesitate to order from India directly haha. 

Tell us about some of TO's earlier releases you think people may have slept on.

Oh there are a few that could've done better but probably due to the year-end timing, didn't as much as anticipated. They'd include this fantastic stoner doom band with death metal influences called ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE, the sublime sludge/doom band from Ireland called SOOTHSAYER, and even the great Finnish blackened death metal band SEPULCHRAL CURSE. There's also this reissue of the old school death metal band WARLORD U.K.'s classic album that's as solid as it gets. I wish the SWAMPCULT album did better for all the effort that I put into its packaging and promotion. Oh well, at least I tried. Thanks for asking that question! Here are their official Bandcamp links - 

What upcoming releases are you most excited about?

Right now I've got my hopes pinned on the Israeli black metal band ARALLU and the stoner/doom/shoegaze band MINDKULT from US, but beyond that, I'm very excited about the upcoming releases of the experimental black metal bands ISGHERURD MORTH (International) and ARKHETH (Australia) who've used saxophone bits in their eccentric music. Even the black/thrash band AFFLIKTOR are very refreshing in their approach and their album will be up soon for pre-orders. There are also releases planned of a couple of unannounced Spanish death metal bands. Then there's this crust band MARGINAL from Belgium and their music flat out rules. And then there's this sludge/doom band from Brazil called JUPITERIAN and they're going to release a stunner as well. It's going to be coupled with the release of the Finnish sludge/doom band LURK which I love. There are also these two supergroups, HEADS FOR THE DEAD and TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS who're yet unannounced and their music is jaw-dropping. Watch out for their official announcements/pre-orders soon! 

With regards to the bands on the Indian/Asian sub-label, you can look forward to the releases of death metal bands like GUTSLIT and FRAGARAK, doomsters DJINN AND MISKATONIC, heavy metal band KNIGHT (for whom I'm painting the album artwork) and there's also the upcoming release of thrashers EXALTER from our neighbouring country Bangladesh. Somewhere down the line, I also have to put out releases by black metal bands SOLAR DEITY and STARK DENIAL

Tell us about some of the newer bands on TO's roster.

I haven't yet announced most of them but the latest signing that was made public was of this Swedish death metal force FERAL. You can find the announcement link here -

It's going to a mix as always of all styles and sizes. I understand as of now it's difficult to find a niche tag for the label but I hope eventually, people will embrace the diversity and see the consistency in quality. I'll work hard as always and will leave it for others to decide. I've seen too much to be shaken by criticism or setbacks. I fear letting the bands down by not doing enough but I can't control the outcome where it comes to the sales at least. This year hasn't been too good financially with my foray into vinyl which has yet to pick up, but without daring to try new things, I'd never find out for sure haha. The box sets have met with a very good response however. I'm going to experiment with the tape format next. 

What does the future of TO look like, from your perspective?

I've never been able to predict such things but I'm glad to make new friends, customers and have more bands working with me. I hope people will look beyond the country I'm from and give me a fair chance. Again, worldwide shipping for a T-shirt/CD is only $2.99 USD with just $0.99 per additional item so it shouldn't be too difficult haha. 

Thanks once again for taking interest in my activities and appreciate all the help that you/THE SLUDGELORD have offered us! 

Transcending Obscurity Official Site
Transcending Obscurity Records Bandcamp
Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook

ALBUM REVIEW: Goatwhore - "Vengeful Ascension"

By: Jack Taylor

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 23/06/2017
Label: Metal Blade Records


“Forsaken” jumps out of your speakers and down your throat and suffocates and entertains the listener in the best way possible. There’s nothing quite like what this band can deliver – the riffs, vocals and drumming is first class and unique

“Vengeful Ascension” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Forsaken
2. Under the Flesh, Into the Soul
3. Vengeful Ascension
4. Chaos Arcane
5. Where the Sun Is Silent
6. Drowned in Grim Rebirth
7. Abandon Indoctrination
8. Mankind Will Have No Mercy
9. Decayed Omen Reborn
10. Those Who Denied God’s Will

The Review:

Goatwhore are a lean, mean, blackened death metal machine and one of the genre’s most hard-working and consistent outfits. Since the release of ‘A Haunting Curse’ in 2006, Goatwhore streamlined their approach and created their distinctive sound which they are well known for today. ‘Vengeful Ascension’ is the Lousianan outfit’s fourth full-length since the aforementioned album was released, with thousands of miles of touring accumulated over this period as well.

The first impressions are decent – “Forsaken” jumps out of your speakers and down your throat and suffocates and entertains the listener in the best way possible. There’s nothing quite like what this band can deliver – the riffs, vocals and drumming is first class and unique. However, the following nine tracks have lead me to believe that perhaps these guys could do with a hiatus. I’m not just saying this because of my great desire to see frontman Ben Falgoust’s other band Soilent Green get back together again, but more due to the fact that Goatwhore are starting to sound a bit stale. Without wanting to be too harsh, a lot of the tracks on here sound like they could have been B-sides from the excellent ‘Constricting Rage of the Merciless’ and ‘Blood for the Master’. I’d go as far to say that unless you’re a Goatwhore diehard, it’s probably worth giving this album a miss and heading for any of the band’s previous four records.

Sure, I appreciate some of the more experimental moments on this album, such as the slower, doomier tracks which mark some kind of progression for the band, such as “Where the Sun is Silent”, but overall, there’s not a lot on here to really get me out of my seat. That being said, Goatwhore are an amazing live band, and should they pass through my town any time soon, I’d have no hesitation is seeing them, even if they played a great deal of this new record.

“Vengeful Ascension” is available here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

FFO: Skeletonwitch || Soilent Green || Belphegor || Absu