Friday, 3 February 2017

VIDEO PREMIERE: "Supersonic Rock N' Roll" by Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard

Riding high on gasoline and good ol’ sex, drugs & rock’n’roll we’re revving a post-apocalyptic chopper straight into the sunset! The barren wastelands of Victoria, Australia set the stage for Zombie Motors Wrecking Yardas cheesy exploitation B-movies blare on the TV in the background. These Galactic Mothefuckers don’t deny the greats (ZZ Top, Clutch, Black Label Society, and so forth) but they certainly don’t shy away from spicing things up with nasty Ministry-style grooves and campy Sci-Fi.

Their debut album “Supersonic Rock`n`Roll” plays like a giant baseball bat to Godzilla`s ugly maw! Released via Napalm Records  on 24/2/2017, this rapturous shit kicking record will be made available as a four-page digipack, and as a single LP gatefold edition limited to 300 copies.  With the record just a few short weeks away, today at The Sludgelord you can stream the titular video from the album below and whilst you’re at pre order a copy here

Supersonic Rock`n`Roll” CD//DD//LP track listing

01. ‘Grind The Grinder’
02. ‘Dead Smile’
03. ‘Galactic Motherfucker’
04. ‘Love For Speed’
05. ‘Roll ’N Burn’
06. ‘Fight Fight Fight’
07. ‘Supersonic Rock ’N Roll’
08. ‘Bad Boy Benny’
09. ‘God Of No’
10. ‘Judas’
11. ‘Sick Sad City’ (bonus track)

Band info: facebook 


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